Hi! We’re Josh and Leslie, and we are the husband-and-wife team behind Collins Family Recording!
Welcome to our home recording studio. The vision for our studio was born from our joint passions- music, community, and food. With Josh being a musician and Leslie being a chef, we decided to join together to make an all inclusive service for people.

What Do We Offer?

- Basic Recording Services
Welcome to our state of the art home studio. For any recording services, you can enjoy our flat-rate-payment system, so that you don’t have to be watching the clock. When we agree to work on your project, we are committed to working on it until you are 100% happy with it. We think the environment you’re in while recording is important- so we welcome you into our comfortable home. Coffee and tea are available at all times. You are free to take breaks to sit in the garden or enjoy one of Leslie’s wholesome homemade meals while you’re here.

- Songwriting and Production Assistance
Our sound engineer, Josh, has been playing music since he was 8 years old. He has a very deep understanding of music theory and is well versed in many genres. He is an incredible asset if you have a vision for a song but are having trouble completing it.

- Additional Instrumentation
If you decide that your song needs additional instrumentation, we can help!! We have a catalog of the very best professional local musicians that would love to play on your project.

- Home Cooked Meals
Leslie is a personal chef that trained in the specific art of cooking wholesome, healing foods. She believes strongly in the nourishing power of healthy food. That’s why we are offering home cooked meals as part of our holistic recording experience. You can grab some pre-made goodies from our “Good to Go” menu, or you can inquire ahead of time and Leslie can cook a fresh wholesome meal for your group. She can cater to any dietary restrictions and all meals are guaranteed to be made with lots of love and help fuel your artistry.

- Lodging for traveling groups
Coming from out of town? Stay with us! We have a comfortable airbnb in our home and offer a discounted rate to those using our studio. You can arrange to have breakfast, snacks, and dinner cooked fresh for you during your stay.

- Half Price Services for Youth 18 and Under
We believe it’s very important to encourage our youth to follow their creative pulls. That’s why we offer half-priced services to anyone 18 and under to make it as accessible as possible. We also have a twice yearly Youth Songwriting Competition in order to encourage young people to write music and express themselves. For details, check the tab at the top of this page.