Feed your Creativity

At Collins Family Recording, one of our main visions is to create a relaxing holistic experience in order to best cultivate a great product! Part of that is by offering homemade wholesome and healthy food for our clients, cooked by a professional chef.
Leslie Collins has been cooking her whole life, and attended culinary school in 2015. She attended “Bauman College” in Berkeley which specialized in using wholesome ingredients and cooking healthy food for people with different needs.

With this as her background, she’s worked as a personal chef and has been able to tend to many different dietary needs and allergies, etc. She specializes in making healthy food taste delicious!

She’s very excited to offer her services to clients of the recording studio! We think it’s very important to consider how you’re fueling yourself when you enter the studio.

Here are some of the items you could enjoy at Collins Family Recording. Please note that the menu is subject to change based on availability of ingredients, season, and preference of clients :-) Any dietary needs can be met, and any special requests can be made. The menu is here just to give you some ideas.

  • Breakfast Offerings
    - epic avocado toast - whole wheat toast, olive oil, cucumber, red pepper, local sprouts / optional fried egg
    - loaded oatmeal - variety of toppings available - local fruit, honey, nut butters, hemp
    - smoothies - strawberry chia, superfoods, chocolate peanut butter, mocha blast / homemade almond milk available & homemade granola available to top
    - loaded veggie scramble - seasonal veg, whole wheat toast, avocado, bacon or rosemary roasted potatoes
    - quiche of the day - gluten free rosemary almond crust available, served with avocado
    - sides: rosemary roasted potatoes, avocado, fruit, herbed vegan cashew cheese

  • Lunch / Dinner Offerings
    - soups - red pepper coconut soup / carrot ginger soup / tomato bisque / moroccan chicken lentil soup
    - curry bowls - basmati rice, local veg and protein of choice, fresh herbs from the garden
    - lentil dahl - vegetable dahl, red lentils, fresh herbs, yogurt
    - stuffed bell pepper - rice, beans, cheese, herbs
    - sandwiches, salads, tacos available

  • Dinner for a Group
    - Taco Night - protein of choice, homemade sauces and salsa, homemade corn tortillas
    - BBQ Night - baked beans, spicy coleslaw, protein of choice
    - Burger Night - burgers cooked on the barbecue with variety of sauces and toppings
    - Curry Night - big pot of delicious curry with rice, toppings and naan
    - Chili Night - big pot of delicious chili, can be made vegetarian upon request. Served with toppings, sweet potato, avocado